Mesa RP

hey guys

i am coding a gamemode based off darkrp svn, called MesaRP, i want to remove all classes except citizen and add my own, heres an example class i added and i deleted all the rest like gun dealer and stuff:

TEAM_Genscientist = AddExtraTeam(“General Scientist”, Color(10,200,55,255),“models/player/alyx.mdl”, [[You have no specific role and can condust any ytpe of experiment.]], {“talk”}, “GeneralScientist”, 2, 30, 0, false)

but when i test it out, i press f4 and there are no icons, and just a blank box, what should shared.lua look like?

no replies?

No replies due to overload of fail.
But yeah, I don’t really know whats wrong.

fail howso?

Maybe if you didn’t copy and paste the entire fucking file I would help but it’s nearly unreadable.

yeah i suppose, but i couldnt htink at the time of how i would ask without posting it, suggestions for edit?


There’s your problem.

yeah, but its hard to base it off others, besides, if\ve got rid of gun dealers and such and the guards only have a glock, ill make an adit of first post later that is much shorter

any reccomendations to a script i should base it off btw?


ok i will give it a try

The basic DarkRP jobs are very twisted into the basic gamemode, its very hard to remove jobs without changing over 50% of the codes. So yeah, i also recommend using another gamemode…