Mescool's Swep Pack

After a couple weeks I got tired of making sweps over and over again so I’m just releasing them now.

There a 13 sweps in this pack. All sweps have iron sights (Except 2 which have scopes). All sweps have spawn icons.
One of the sweps was made by crysismaster (he asked me to put it in the pack)

Download link:

Here’s a quick demo of all the sweps.

These guns Seem so… 5 second swepish.

are they held at the hands

Yes all are held by hands.

I Mean is it held by the player when looking through a camera

is the world model held correctly or is it a crotch gun

I also noticed that you should replace the m16 and the AK 47
the animations freeze up when firing fully auto or firing fast

Only one of them is held correctly

Could be improved a lot, but it’s a start!:smile:

I’m guessing that it requires CS:S…correct?

No, You just need to download a hands skin. I should have included the hands materials.

Someone please post a video of just the revolver. I don’t have gmod anymore, but the revolver looks and sounds sweet.

Meh. The revolver is OK. It’s really loud though. And I believe the revolver is in the video the author posted?

Anyway, the pack isn’t bad. Some weapons are overpowered some are under powered, but whatever. I just wish that every time I download a pack there isn’t some kind of super exotic Desert Eagle. In this case two. But not a bad job. Yet I fail to understand why people always have an Ak 47 in the pack when I already have like, two thanks to Counter Strike. (The AK that comes with CS:S and the Real CS:S AK)

How do you make spawn icons?
Can you make them with
I made a swep and I really want a nice spawn icon :smiley:

I made a tutorial a while back. It’s not amazing but, It’s ok.

They’re alright, but there isn’t really anything distinctive about them.

I didnt really like them. They were a little off. Sorry.

Love the G36, but the rest i havent used yet, i just use my fav G36.

Will use the rest later :smiley:

It’s a good start. But they still need work. Some sounds need to be louder, some need to be quieter. The power and damage of some of the guns need a little reconfiguration. Oh and the Barret 50.Cal, it has no cross hair, or use of scope - please put that in.

The models however are fine, I like all of the models.

Same, the models were really good. But I downloaded it for the SCAR, which, unfortunately, the muzzle flash was down below. Good idea for a pack though, if I were you, I’d learn how to fix up this pack and make a v2! That would rock!

This is all absolute shit. You use like 3 different weapon firing sounds and models I don’t think you made the models. If I remember correctly breen takes 1-2 SMG mags in the chest.

A few good guns is better than 13 crappy uber guns.

Thanks for including my swep dude.