Mescool's Swep Pack

Recoil effect would be nice.

no world animatios :frowning:
maybe in later version?

i also see he tweaked the FOV on my HK416GL i like it better that way :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow,so unpositive and respectful of peoples work dude calm down some people aren’t as skilled as others you just have to get over that fact.

The pack is good but why cant u use those weapons in multiplayer?I created lan server for me and my friend and those weapons wont show in weapons list(only 1 did the scoped m4a1). In singleplayer they work fine.

No offence, but these are quite bad.

The sweps them selves no, but the aiming is.

Feels a bit unfinished.
You should work a bit more on them, no offense.

Will there be updates?

Sorry but these are bad.No offence.
Ill uninstal it. Better luck next time.


Its good for a start but I thought it would be better…Sorry


Its not great but its a start.
Wasnt as good as I thought.

It would be really helpful if you actually told him what was so bad about it.

More variety.

Make every gun unique, because it can be unique in more ways than just its model. Tone the guns down too. To help you could:

Compare the real life guns of your SWEPs, like

With the real life versions of the Half-Life 2 weapons (SMG)

So you don’t end up with uber powerful weapons.

I wouldn’t trust wikipedia.

As long as it makes sense.

Besides why would someone ruin for instance the MP7 page? If you don’t trust wikipedia that much use something else. I get the same bullshit from my teachers. “Oh yeah, you can’t use wikipedia for this report. You know how people can just go in and <fools just about every other kid in the classroom with exaggerated facts>”

I trust wikipedia.

hye iam new to the addons and stuff to gmod but hey i don’t have cs:s will this efect my seeing of the sweps or holding em and do i have to get the glove’s if so can i gust downloads a sc:s hands and be abel to cs:s sweps and in my hands?


hye i know that if you don’t have cs:s you can’t see any thing from cs:S even sweps but i wont it but i can’t have it cuss i can’t lisen to what ppls say on the head sets and my partens freak all so iam not rilly what ever age i say i am iam rilly 13 but any ways dio u have to donloads the glove’s and one more thing iam trying to find some on to make a real gun but hl2 hands sweps not cs:s so plz reply


wtf is troll mean lolz

You ruined it. Now it’s too obvious.

You got the M1 Carbine from DoD right?

does it require DoD or does the pack have the materials and the models?

They crash my game when I try to spawn them.

What i meant was as in, values for RPM and projectile velocity and trajectories for example might not be correct.