Mescool's Swep Pack

Yeah but it’d be a pain in the ass to look elsewhere. All of the information, even if it’s innacurate or completely wrong, is right there. Unless you really care about it I wouldn’t bother.

wow mbbird once again you have shown off your painfully limited intelligence by not only flaming on mescools pack but you also failed to realize your miniscule worldview of the internet
not saying that wikipedia is bad because i use it myself, but there are better sources for finding weapon data which happens to be modern firearms at which has a complete listing of nearly all firearms and thier data.

so please, in the future dont flame on other people without doing research unless you are just trying to show how dumb you are

I’m not flaming? I’m just talking to someone else. Get out of here, post in your own thread. Don’t think I’m so hostile to everyone I meet.

Also why the fuck would we need to know the muzzle velocity or effective range? If we knew either that would require quite a bit of knowledge about ballistics and the sort of science around it to sort of convert that into SWEP stats. I meant the general tidbits of info that wikipedia has.

I have this mod on another computer and its Awesome and all, especially the Samurai’s Edge, which could be a little more high res and also, could you possibly give me a mirror download? My home computer has high-speed internet but the download on takes forever, it downloads at 2.7 KB/s as on other sites downloads for me are at 117 KB/s. If you could, upload this pack on a mirror site. Thanks!

Damn, their crotch guns? Ugh… I don’t want a large magnum or a rifle comeing out of my crotch when I go in 3rd person :frowning:

To be honest this weapon pack isn’t very good,It still needs work done to it and alot of the guns are quite glitchy and somehow the deagle isn’t gold anymore.

it took away my crosshairs! How do i put them back without uninstalling the Sweps?

Hey, I downloaded this and there is alt ammo and I don’t know how to use it. It means the guns don’t dissappear when I’m scrolling through which makes a huge list.

ummmmm yea i downloaded them it worked and all but all the other scopes and those white lines arent there for all guns wtf?

I’m probably not gonna update this shitty swep pack so just delete them.

i like your ak-47

Dude, this is a really awesome swep pack but it took away my crosshairs. Thats the reason why i havent downloaded it ever again. Could you maybe look into it and fix it? I commented on your YouTube vid about it but you didnt answer. >:(

I don’t understand why people like this kind of SWEP. That’s not original, it just looks like a classic weapon. “WOW AWESOME I ONESHOOT NPCS LOL!!1”, what the hell is so funny about these weapons?

Nothings funny about them. Sometimes people don’t need a gun with a ton of special features, just one that shoots.

It’s not a matter of simplicity, look at the Tactical weapons pack.

The three possible major downfalls of an SWEP pack:

  1. Lack of variety, all guns make the same sound, same muzzleflash, do the same damage, and have the same ROF (this pack)
  2. Over powered-ness, self explanatory (this pack)
  3. Been done before, if the pack is just a crappy reiteration of the last metric fuckton of mods similar to it (also applies to this pack)

It’s a wonder things like this show up on the front page, a shame really. All the mods people actually spend time on never make it, and if they do only for a day if even.