Mesh Problem with Ninja Ripper

Hey, when I try to import the .rip files from Ninja Ripper to 3ds Max 2016 with GIMS Evo or Ninja Ripper Importer it gives me kind of an error. It says that it couldnt create a mesh without positions. So when I ignore that error, every object from that scene i ripped off from Battlefield Bad Company 2 is at the exact same position. Does someone know how to fix that? Im new to the ripping/modelling scene.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Try to ask there, they’ve probably done what you’re trying to do.

It could be a problem with the engine itself that is causing it.
Still, do the positions affect the model quality too much?

you can’t build/extract a composed scene. you gotta understand the ninja. it doesn’t work like that. the models are ripped before they are transformed into the scene position. what you get is the default aka reference ([0 0 0]) position of the raw model. so…

you gotta stick with that. :smile: shrugs

if he’s using it properly, ninjaripper should extract all models into the 0 0 0 position and extract the level geometry models into their relative position to the center. What I think he is saying is that all the level geometry models got put into the 0 0 0 position instead of their actual positions.

I just realized that. But i have some other problems now, first problem is the textures which are extracted dont look like textures, they have a matrix style text on them. And the second problem is that the models are distorted, for example the propeller of the helicopter isnt on top of the heli, its in the heli!

The propeller is a separate model. Move it to it’s correct position.
The “Matrix textures” are shadow maps/lightmaps. There is no use for those, keep looking for the correct textures.

Thank you! But when i try to move the propeller its sticked to the helicopter :confused:

Try to select it. If it is indeed part of the helicopter, select it in mesh edit and move it.
Of course this is assuming you are using 3ds max, I do not know how to do it in blender.

Ok thank you, and i found the texture now, but when i apply it isnt looking right, the texture gets kinda distorted. Do you know what to do?

You need to fix the UV maps.
3ds max: click on unwrap UVs. Then select the mesh and click the edit UV button. On the UV map edit screen, select all the vertices and flip them. this should fix it.

Also note that the models themselves MAY need to be mirrored.

It is still not fitting. :frowning: It’s like the texture gets applied randomly over the object.

Try to change u v coords in import script window.
That was suggested on official tutorial.

Already tried that, but i read that the problem is with my game. Seems like it doesnt export UV maps.

Can you post a screenshot?

The pic with green border is the texture. Its a rocket launcher.

Show us the UV map parameters.

Actually, just tell me what you want out and I’ll try getting it myself. I’ll reinstall the game and use ninja on it.

Yeah that would be interesting to see if you can do it! Well i’d like the M136 Rocket Launcher and the AH64 Apache helicopter.

Could you upload the model and the texture on mediafire or something? Extracting from this game is a bit trickier than I thought. If you do that we can solve this faster.

Nevermind, i already found the right UV offsets! But i still wanna thank you for your help :slight_smile: