MeshBin - Online Model Viewer/Uploader

Got an .OBJ? Want a nice render of your model viewable through Google Chrome or the newest version of Firefox? Search no further!

You may have heard of this already, but I think it’s cool as fuck. The model viewer on KeenLevelDesign lets you upload an .OBJ, along with several texture maps such as diffuse, specular, normal/bump, alpha, emissive and fresnel. After uploading, you get some very limited options as to how you want things to look; then you can submit it and show it to anybody.

I feel the best part about the viewer is that it has a browse button where you can view model works submitted by anybody. Here’s a few nice ones I found just by looking around the first minute:
OverDose FP arms
It’s labeled as “Headcrap zombie”
Hugo the Werewolf
Squid hat by our very own sparkwire
A head

It’s a very cool site, and I hope you guys upload some cool shit.

Browse models!

This is really cool, I could see it coming in handy if you needed to share something really quickly with people.

I’ll put this to good use. Thanks

Snipped for dean

Plan on telling us or are you just gloating?

snipped for dean

Yeah I found that out too, but it’s kind of a shitty thing to do. I wasn’t going to tell anybody since I didn’t want people to be afraid to put their models on there since it’s such a nice site. :frown:

Good point. I’ll snip it

Hmm, I think I’ll try uploading something. Nice find.

Well seems like I’ll need to fix my .obj exporter.

Yeah it’s pretty easy to get the files themselves. Still I doubt many people would abuse the thing, most of all since the stuff isn’t rigged or anything.

cool, my squid hat!

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