Message to developers

So, I just found out how easy it is to access the admin area on the site, Now. You CAN View this area but you cannot modify the settings in anyway!
If you could PLEASE send me a message I’ll point out how you can “Edit” your way in. And also some points on how to fix it.

Please may I also note that I love rust, and I was not doing this to harm the players, It was only a educational exercise.

But the user gets access to a full list of API’s which in return could screw EVERYTHING.


(I made this thread because I have no fucking idea who develops this goddam game)

Im not sure what youre talking about, but i hope its something that can be fixed 0.o

Helk, Pat, MaxOfS2D, Garry. But You probably wont be able to contact them by PM cos of shitload of spam they have on their InBoxes. And I don’t know any other way to do it also I had some questions and important propositions to them but PM just didn’t work.

I messaged them ages ago about this Garry replied and he said its nothing that can harm them and they not about it.

Well sure there is, You can use a system that’s not Primary based on java for one, and instead use MySQL And PHP combined, and you CAN do harm because you can use an API to find the SessionID through the users ID, Which can be found by using another API, Admin or not!

Just go and make 3rd screen come true. I think this will be enough to inform them about the problem :slight_smile:

probably it will gives an error that the max number that can be generated is 50.

What about this? I grabbed a username/email from (sumplace), pm me about that because it can be accessed by anyone…

Can you message me about this? It says you turned off your PMs.

Do you have somewhere I can add you on skype or steam?

skype: master0675

Wigleg is going to get one hell of a horde of key beggars behind him.

Rust in peace.

They have already arrived.