message to rust

Rust is a great game. I enjoy its gameplay and concept. Its player interactions come in all shapes and forms
and you get to make new international friends along the way.
$19.99USD for this game, That’s not much for a game. good bang for your buck i believe.

At the Moment These “hackers” have rendered rust unplayable for the most part.
2 days ago you would only run into 2-6 of them on any server trolling the high population
zones speed hacking, esp or aimbot etc. etc.
Now they are all over the map, fighting each other over “hacking grounds” or hunting in packs using every hack known to man.
these individuals constantly boast about their actions in chat and voice. Do nothing but troll anyone who speaks up.
their derogatory behavior ranges from sexism, homophobia to racism.
It seems as if there are more and more every day…

We all want rust back from these hacking scum bags.
we want to be-able to play this wonderful creation we all call rust.

Every day that these gutless bastards get to run rampant, is a day were you loose members of your player-base.
in turn you lose recommendations to buy the game whether it be verbal or use of social media.

when will a security patch be out exactly?

is the fix going to stop all or some of the hacks?

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You know, I would imagine that Garry and his team area simply watching and waiting, taking notes, and waiting. Because why not take notes and see how the hackers are “breaking” the game so that when you do fix it. You can lock these bastards out in the cold. Notice how there are no “leader boards” or “Kill ratings”? why would you give someone any kind of bragging rights to cheaters? If you watch what the devs are doing it’s great work and I’m sure they have a plan in motion to ANNIHILATE these hackers.

Because before it’s released there will be a wipe, and several before then.

VAC will get the hackers one way or another it’s just not a instant thing, it takes time. The devs are also away in Seattle at steam dev days. They’ll probably look into the hackers once they get back.