Message to the Mods and Developers.

I’d like to start this post of by saying that if you have some complaint or problem this thread is not the place to voice it. The reason I am writing this is because I’d really like to petition the developers to keep us (the alpha testers) posted on what they are actually doing in regards to the server shutdown, in an official way. I know I know, I get it. This is an alpha game. I am not here to complain that the servers are down, or hacking is bad, or whatever. I really just want to hear something, anything, is happening towards bringing them back up and I find it really disheartening that the last official message posted on the homepage is two days old. I honestly don’t mind that the servers are down. Again, I realize that this is in alpha and as a result shutdowns are going to be pretty common. Even if the message was as simple as, “Sorry the servers are still down, check back soon for more updates” I would be happy. Its just very frustrating for me that I have to continuously try and log into servers just to see if they are up when the developers could show a small courtesy and just announce when the servers are down and again when they are back up. I also think that this would alleviate a lot of the tension here because rather than sit here and press refresh every 30 minutes while brooding over whats going on, we could actually go on with our gaming lives and just check back every once in a while for an update. I also think that seeing Garry, or someone actually take a role towards communicating with the testers on a frequent basis would give many people the feeling that they are actually being heard in their complaints, criticism, and suggestions. I find it very disheartening when I can scroll through an entire page of threads and all their comments and not see a single constructive response from a dev or mod. I realize that the people working on this game are very busy, I am not even remotely capable in developing games or even programming so I cannot imagine that amount of time they have and are putting into this game. I do however know about service and keeping customers or in this case testers happy, and I feel that even one person taking a little time to do some public relations would do a great deal in boosting this communities moral and keep us faithful through this pretty lame time.

I don’t understand where you guys are getting the impression that we mods know anything about when the servers are coming back up.

We moderate the forum. We have no hand in what goes on with the Rust servers.

What do you mean isn’t the Rust forum and nothing but? Duh, it’s like you missed the memo from garry. It was in the one about posting That Cat for a key and stuff.

I see. I edited the original post where it was necessary to leave you out.