Messed up texture on player model

Everything is fine when opened in 3ds max.
The textures are off, I’m assuming it’s a problem with my .vmt files?
This is what I have for all my vmt files:

	"$basetexture" "models/demonicking/ntxr000"

Here are all the textures I’m using. I don’t know if having multiple textures for the body and eyes would mess it up.

Here is how it looks like in my folder, I dont use the .png that was just for a visual.

Any help? I still need to fix this. :confused:

Are you sure the UVs are correct?

I’m going to assume the UV map or the texture files got scaled/rounded wrong.
Take a screen shot of the UV maps in 3ds Max, it might help us.

Sorry guys I forgot to mention I fixed it. It was conflicting with another addon I previously made and was using those textures.