Messed-up UV maps on model hack

I’m currently working on a weapon model hack (in other words, pasting a gun on a different set of animations) with 3DS Max, and everything looked great until I went to preview the anims.

Et voila, screwed UV maps.

The original gun on its original anims is perfect, but not the new compile. I’m not sure if, or even how the previous gun’s UV maps might still be there?
That’s the only thing I can think of. By the way, the original and replacement are right-handed in model viewer but left-handed in game. Not sure what’s going on there, either. And yes, it’s the only weapon with that issue.

My guess is the UVs flipped somehow. Might happen if you mirror something and don’t reset the xform or some shit, I don’t know. If you’re using 3DS Max, try adding a UVW XForm modifier and ticking some of those boxes.

Holy fuckballs flipping the V Tile did it! Thanks a heap! :smiley:

Now, about the left-handed viewmodel: It’s right-handed in 3DS Max, right-handed in HLMV but not in game. The gun whose animations I’m using as a base showed up left even when installed as-is, even on a clean CSS installation, even though the preview pics showed otherwise.

Well, all I needed to do was use the scripts included with the weapon. Ha.