Messed up with Hammer

I was getting started with hammer today and I wanted to make maps for garry’s mod, of course. I read about making it so that when I ran the map, it would open it in Gmod and it uses all of my gmod stuff, so anyway I start doing what it says (Tools > Options > Edit > New) but instead of selecting the new one, garry’s mod, i kept the current one selected (HL2 Deathmatch) and I didn’t notice until I apply all of the changed files, then select GMod and its completely empty but DM has all of the configurations I just put in. I try running hammer as DM again but I get an error and I’m not sure how to reset it to the defualt settings. Please help me…

Also, I wasn’t sure where to put this so move it if you see fit, thanks.

EDIT: Just found the reset game config. Sorry for the post.