Messege on screen

How do you make it so a messege pops up on the screen and you can adjust the text size? i want it in the middle of the screen, the idea is to make it so when the round is over its poping up a messege there the it stands “Team Won”

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okay i tried this code:

function Text()
    draw.SimpleText("Combines Win!", "ScoreboardText", ScrW() / 2 - 70, ScrH() - 63, Color(255,255,255,255), TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER)

but i get this error:

autorun/text.lua:2: attempt to index global 'draw' (a nil value)

please help

put it in autorun/client :slight_smile:

okey will try

The draw library is only accessible on the client.

like a said then NullPoint, try and put it in autorun/client :slight_smile:

no need to post the same thing twice it works now thanks

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I don’t think he does post 100 threads a day as he only has 96 as a post count :3

i post because i need help OK?
you dont need to help me, if you dont want to. But in my stuff i do i will have a credit list with the ones who helped me.
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What antid2 said. We all learned from that. It’s really helpful. Don’t think it’s a bad thing posting a lot of help threads though. I don’t mind helping you at all. Add me on steam, so when you need help you can just ask me.

Ive alredy red from it, but some stuff isnt there

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