Messing with clientscheme.res and other fun stuff. Can it be done?

Hey, I don’t post on Facepunch too much, but I have a question:

I’ve tried to do stuff like [this]. (I did it without the tutorial though - pardon the terrible English.) Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It does in games like HL2DM, but not in Garry’s Mod.

Messing with a lot of the resources can do some pretty neat things like changing the default HUD’s colors, and add items to the menu. (i.e. if I wanted to, I could do something like uh, I guess adding, “Execute Flood Binds” and “Exec Default Binds” to switch between binds through the menu. I just kinda came up with that idea last second.)

What I was wondering is how would I go about doing this in Garry’s Mod? Just placing the resources in the resources folder doesn’t work like in other Source Engine games. Does Garry’s Mod do something to prevent all that stuff?

btw, I have searched the site with no avail. Don’t hurt me. :frowning:

I’m not sure if it’s blocked or what, but most of that stuff can be achieved through Lua I believe

Really? I’ll have to look around for all that stuff. :o