Messing With Viewmodel Hands

I noticed you can alter the viewmodel hands now. How might i go about doing this?

What do you mean by alter? Change the model? I think there’s a function in the player class system which you can change.

I’m doing everything this article says but nothing happens:

In one lua file:

[lua]DEFINE_BASECLASS( “player_default” )

local PLAYER = {}

function PLAYER:GetHandsModel()

return { model = "models/weapons/c_arms_cstrike.mdl", skin = 1, body = "0100000" }


player_manager.RegisterClass( “player_army”, PLAYER, “player_default” )[/lua]

In PlayerSpawn:

player_manager.SetPlayerClass( pl, “player_army” )[/lua]

In my SWEP i have SWEP.UseHands = true.

what am i doing wrong?

are you using a c model for your weapon?

Oops, i guess that explains it. But, my hands are invisible when i use a C model.

[lua]return { model = “models/weapons/c_arms_cstrike.mdl”, skin = 1, body = “0100000” }[/lua]

what am i doing wrong here?

e: Okay so the spawn code for the class isn’t being called. Got it working.