Metal and Armored walls

Hi there.

I am pretty sure i am not the first one who wants to talk about it, but still…

For the last few weeks, i saw and participated ~100.
And I think there is a big problem when 80% of it were done without C4.

I cant count the number of time i saw a team just raid with pick axes only. And can i blame them? No.
Its less expensive, takes less time to build, and you can destroy an armored wall in 5-10 minuts when you are 4-5 … And Who cares about the 5-10 minuts it takes when you see the time you have to wait for 1 C4 (2 in the case of an armored)… And i dont even talk about the fact you cant even go out of your base when you are building it.(Seems lot more risky than looting pick axes.)
The Few teams who used C4 were the stupidly rich, 10+ teams. The ones who dont give a fuck about resources and where time is not a realy big issue because of their number.

I have no problem with this “strategy” when you want to destroy wood, stone, or even metal walls even if it tickles a bit… But Armored? When you see the price it cost? No. I think it must be totally immune to tools damages OR WAY MORE resistant.
I think we already has a big advantage with the rocket launcher, so let’s make raids less stupid. Its not fun, and there is no drawback at this point.

I totally agree tools should break super fast on armored walls making them very very undesirable to use against an armored wall.

I think a cool way to handle this is to make tools effective only once armored/metal is at ~5-10% health. Breaking a solid metal wall with a pickaxe is really hard, breaking an almost trashed one is much easier.

I completely agree, armor at the very least should not take any melee or bullet damage at all and the blast of c4 or rockets should not be able to go through a wall that does not come down, they really need to fix this issue IMO.

two of us took down a stone wall 500/500 with pickaxes. it took us a total of 11 pickaxes to do this.

basically it was faster and cheaper then C4.

We don’t even bother with C4 on stone unless we’re bored or in a hurry.

I think it is a realy good idea! And it is more realistic.

Hope the devs start balancing soon.

Lets up this.

17 raids,

11 without C4 (2 max).

Not very cute.

C4 is not too hard to farm. if done right, on a server with not too many people (population 40-65), i can farm sulfur for 1 C4(2775 sulfur ore) in 30minute. I just run for 3 hours in the snow biome, hitting every node that i find, throwing away the stone and metal and keeping sulfur ore only until i have 15k+ sulfur in my inventory. then i spent 20min farming wood to smelt it, then i afk craft teh gun powder. after 5~6 hours of farming (and an overnight of afk crafting) i had 13 C4 ,which i used on a raid.

pickaxe raiding only works if you have a large group.

And who cares that pickaxe raiding is slightly faster than C4 raiding? it doesnt mean its not balanced. its still require a lot of either time or manpower, which is not as easy as it sound. it still cost 40 pickaxes to destroy that armored wall(unless you repair, then its gonna be more than 40). 40 pickaxes takes 80 minutes to craft, its like 2 C4 worth of time, not counting the ressources. sure, if you divide it by 4 or 5 person its gonna be faster. but everything is faster when divided by 4 or 5 person, including C4 crafting.

I agree. C4 is not very difficult to farm (even if its very long), the problem is the construction time and the fact that you must be in your base when you make it.

But with pickaxes, raiding is a quite worth possibility. The resources are much easier to farm, its safe and effective.

And that’s the problem .
I want the C4 and rockets to be the only way to destroy reinforced walls . It’s more realistic, and I hate the fact that players are crafting super-expensive reinforced wall that can be easily destroyed by pick axes …

Who said you need to be in base to craft it? I never leave for a farm run without a 200 queue of gunpowder. I’d rather loose a bit to a gank once in a while than spend my playtime sitting in base.

Still way too long to craft though, I agree.

metal should not be damaged by tools at all

Metal is fine the way it is as far as I’m concerned. The extra 100 HP and high resistance to tools gives it an edge over stone for melee raiding, which is far more prevalent anyway. Yeah, it’s weaker against C4, but so it should be. Real sheet metal doesn’t provide a whole lot of protection from direct blasts.

Armor should be tougher against tools. Or as someone suggested, it could be impervious to tool damage until the HP falls below a certain percentage after being “softened” by explosives. Hell, I’d even be happy if armour was only breakable with explosives. It would somewhat balance the cost of amoring vs the cost of destroying.

Yeah if armored is that prone to tools it’s pretty ridiculous. Why spend 500 frags/stone/wood for each upgrade when someone can just sit there with a pick and hack away. If they’re smart they’ll pre-make a repair bench off to the side and carry frags & wood with them to repair their tools. Pretty ridiculous and low-cost, considering how cheap it is to repair. I think the repair costs are fair, so it only makes sense to reduce the damage done by tools on armored structures rather than up the repair costs.

i know it’s a part of legacy, but beside liking how it looks, i don’t see much point to the metal tier. to me it makes sense if there was just twig, wood, stone and armoured.

maybe metal could be used for the landmarks, and have them destructable.

As a former legacy player, c4 crafting time and collecting time seems ridiculous for me. Also, you dont mention the risk of simply being shot down.

Raiding takes effort now.