Metal and Gmod

Hey I’m gonna forewarn you guys that this video is just an idea I had and tested it to see if it would be funny at all. Everything will eventually be redone. Including better resolution, voice acting, and such. Just throwing this out there to see if you guys like the idea behind the video. I really hope people read what I just said to avoid flamers about the things I just mentioned.

sorry I forgot the tags to embed the youtube video because I’m a nub and haven’t been on in a while.

I what-the-fuck’d when he started playing.

Did you record this with only one person? (If so, you should make it so the people don’t change models and positions when they change places talking. :v:)

What band did you use? Sounds like Cannibal Corpse, though I could be mistaken. It’s not a death metal band I listen to.

I absolutely lol’d though when he just randomly teleported around with the guitar flying around him.

Good job. :v:


Also I couldn’t really hear anything other than the music. May wanna work on mixing the voices better to be the same sound level as everything else.

the name of the band is white chapel. I wasn’t lying when I said it in the video =P and yes It was only me recording. and I was lazy. I can make it so that the models don’t move when switching camera angles. But thanks for thinking its funny!

any other comments?