Metal Attaché Briefcase

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Metal Attaché Briefcase Prop

[tab]Description:[/tab] Metal Attaché Briefcase Prop

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] None




So… uhh… yeah… enjoy and such :toot:

Pretty useful looking. I’ll be sure to try this out.

Gman’s gonna be PISSED when he finds you took it.

I’d be more worried about what Agent 47’s gonna do… :ohdear:

I feel the need to stamp a Black Mesa symbol on it.
I think I might be a bad person.

Dildo + asshole + stomp = RECTAL BLEED

lol hitman symbol

Do you want me to remove that for you and you can release a V2?

Ehm… it’s entirely up to you I guess

I’d like one that doesn’t have the hitman symbol too, not a big deal if you don’t though. Throw a bumpmap and maybe some subtle phong on the model and it’d be pretty sexy.

I added a normal map thanks to UltaPonch

I have never worked with bump maps and phong however