Metal barricade [suggestion]

So, as i saw on Terllo ( )
That they are going to add more metal building parts, but i didn’t saw anything about metal barricade

The suggestion is, Add a metal barricade too, And what special about it?
More time until it de-spawn, and you will still be able to break it with melee, like the wooden one (metal ramp made by metal and can be broken too), so ppls won’t block other houses forever
And why i want it?, because sometimes barricade is very useful, but it despawn too fast. (8 hours for wooden barricade)

So what special on it?
*50 more durability then the normal one
*breakable with hatchet/rock/pickaxe/any melee (like wooden one)
*Decay (de-spawn) after 3 days (like the wooden one but with 3 days and not 8h)
*option to fix with metal fregment (like wooden one but with metal and not wood)
*you’ll need to find it and research like any other metal part

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Too much grief/annoyance. Wood barricades provide enough cover.

“Too much grief/annoyance. Wood barricades provide enough cover.”

You didn’t got my point, it’s not bigger/ a worse griefing tool
It just stays longer (decaying after more time)
you could still break it.

there needs to be more buildings a metal barricade wouldnt make it more griefing

I don’t see the point. Maybe we use barricades differently, but I have no need for a longer lasting barricade.

*Well, i’m using it on big bases, i’m putting it next to the walls from inside so peoples from outside won’t see the light that comes inside from outside and won’t see the inside if their close to the wall
like that they can’t know if someone in, or if someone is afk or sleeping.

*i’m also using it near my door, so peoples from one side won’t come with shotgun or something, then i know the only place they can come from

*and also when i’m jumping from my house and i don’t want to get fall damage

And also for more things that i’m not thinking about right now.
the problem is that it’s de-spawning after 8h

UP :smiley:


You’re wrong when someone in game rustles my feathers I go down a list of shit to do.

  1. find their house
    2.Craft shit to inconvenience them. Barricades, spike walls, If they added a longer decay time that would be awesome for this type of situation.
    3.wait till they sleep and break all doors and replace them with mine, take all items that would damage my troll items. Leave all sorts of cool items such as BP,food,ore guns/no bullets. and when they realize they have no way out but F1 suicide. I will usually add 4 barricades thick so its about impossible.
    It would be an excellent grief item.