Metal base decay will not stop?

just wanted to check if anyone is having the same problem as me my metal base seems to be decaying non-stop everyday I log on and my doors are down to 200 and my workbench and furnaces are gone too :frowning:

repair them. drop some metal onto your action bar and press that number. I have not build a metal based home and until I know more about it I wont ever build one. Does Metal decay? and if so we should know the decay rate. not keep it a secret. Also if there is no decay reset to metal based structures after each log in and use of the building so to speak then you are forced into repairing it and thus if you make a big base or home out of metal then guess what. Get to work on repairs every time you log in ( great Idea if that is how this works ). If this is not how it works then it should be. There are too many abandoned structures everywhere in this game. Also building taller than what your Guns can hit is a big no no. I don’t see a point in allowing a building to grow so tall that you cant even shoot an attacker from the rooftops if its too high.

the base it self does not seem to decay but everything in it would break after 2 days unless I repair it normally when you use a base(Light a fire i.e) it will stop the decay of doors and such but does not seem to stop it with metal structures.

You need to interact with them in orther to stop decay.
Then it should reset decay timer for 24 hours or so.


the base is being used as a 4 man home like all my other ones but the decay just wont stop on the objects inside of it (doors, boxes, fireplace and workbench)

We are having the same issue. Doors, crates, workbenches etc all decaying inside a metal base. Even ramps inside the base! It should apparently not be happening and they are looking into it, but for now keep doing some repairrounds every now and then!

cheers man as long as it is being looked into

Hey we found the bug and we will fix it in tomorrows patch, Thanks for posting!

Helk to the rescue like always!

Sorry to bump my old thread but did not want to make a new one
So not sure if you have put out a hotfix yet Helk but it still seems to be decaying
But it seems only the ground level decays the second story has no problems with decay

this is still an issue and should be fixed. lost my workbench and my furnance wit a lot of ore in it. ok i knew about this problem and actually i wouldn´t leave stuff in the furnance but i couldn´t relog due to ddos. i´m not mad…i know it´s alpha but meanwhile they worked on the sleepers idea, promissed fixes are not showing up :frowning: