Metal Base Raid!

Me and two friends went to take back a base that had been stolen from a friend.

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this is not raid this is parody

people will bitch and criticize but it looked like fun dude. good vid.

What are you talking about dude?

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Thanks man! :slight_smile:

It sucks so much.

nice )

If you’re talking about the video then I think you probably can act a little bit more mature. Leave some constructive feedback, or leave nothing at all.

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Thanks! :zoid:

this was interesting…

I’m gonna take that as a good thing? :smiley:

very unorganized raid

I know, it was pretty unorganized. This is one of my very first raids. We died and had to go back multiple times.

I really like that one mate,actually it was fun while the naked guy was singing a song and swinging his rock around while running :smiley: Keep up the good work,also love the convo too !

Yeah he was pretty funny :v:
Thanks a lot! :smile:

I think you wasted a lot of ammo, the guy running around made you nervous? Maybe a pickaxe to his head was a better option than your gun, but he did his job making you both waste a lot of rounds. They put a good defense and it was fun to watch. Entertaining video.

I did waste a lot of ammo. I maybe should’ve hit him with a pickaxe instead but I felt that I would be taking a risk if I did that so I chose to shoot them instead. And yes, they did make me nervous, which was another reason :smiley:

And thanks a lot, glad to hear you enjoyed it :smile: