Metal Bawkses

I always loved your angles, really nice work.

i can only get so erect you know

Why are sci-fi dudes using an apc from the 1960s?

Why do space marines with power armor use swords in the future?

Usually to stab people, sometimes to open space cans.

Bloody nice work!

That’s really darn nice, dude.

What do you use for the floor in the first pic? Great poses btw.

znalecc’s GTA4 roads, he posted em over here; gotta scroll down a bit

Easy to build, highly versatile, fast, cheap, and in a world where weapons can be made to explode in your hands by some nerd monger with a magic wristwatch, reliable; since there’s no built in supercomputer bullshittery inside it. Don’t fix what can’t be easily broken

The cowards, the fools!
Very awesome job.

Bro, here you get those blacklight models ? I’ve been searching for versions without helmets but can not find =/

You could just use the official blacklight models, use the inflator tool to shrink the helmet, and no collide another character whose face you want on the blacklight model.

i like them gj besides the people running in the background, their feet look a bit strange just being flat on the floor imo

edit - only just saw op date

whoah lawdy, didn’t expect to see this bumped.

regular headed BLR dudes are just ARMA heads inflator’d in.

So I’m curious, are you creating like an entire universe of different game franchises combined together?
If so that’s awesome. I’d love to help make lore.

na, just a ME AU I’ve been doing for fun