Metal Building Skin: Top Tier

saw these on Trello, they look great cant wait to use them.

Yea, I’ve been excited to build with these. Even just a 1x1 would make me happy.

lol yeah same, i like the new Peek Slot in the door too.

All I can think of, when I see all of that metal upon metal, is how goddamn hot it must be to live inside on a typical Rust day.

Is that a large metal gateway in the bottom pic ala Legacy type gate/gateway? Been waiting for these to come back if that’s the case

Not if you live in the North Snow biome.

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Nah it looks like it but its just a wall, i thought the same thing myself

What’s realistic is the barren landscape. That’s what it would look like around you in order to build something like this.

These looking fucking amazing.

can you shoot through the peek slot?:wink:

I hope so! I was just thinking the other day we need small openings to shoot from. I would also like to request Murder Holes to place over my door.


It would be a great idea, and i hope it can be only opened in one direction and from the inside that way people on the outside cant mess with it, if you look carefully you can see a key hole on the back of it

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Look at the walls again, see those egg shaped metal bits that look like they have been scraping the wall from someone turning them or the rectangle part next to them? maybe those are for peaking and shooting out of? lol

knock knock
shutter opens “who is it?”
headshot splat

lol i thought that too, but then i figured we’d need some Trench Binoculars specifically to avoid that type of incident

Haha, and people are already complaining that metal bases are too hard to raid, because they can’t get into them in 5 mins with a hatchet to steal all my hard earned loot. Wait until they come up against my reinforced steel base! :dance:

Two wood tiers

Two metal tiers.

One stone tier.

Fuck the stone age, I’m goin big AND goin home to my metal tank without wheels.

it would be so cool to have wheels on your base

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what dont they complain about? :slight_smile:

Hopefully the metal window bars upgrade will come with this…

Looks great.

All metal parts to be insta craft or blueprints, thats the question…

I think at first like all textures it will be instacraft then it will eventually be BP as will some of the others