Metal door bug perhaps?

Recently built a house with a metal door, opens closes just fine. I log out and come back into the game >24 hours and im dead. I just figure that some one blew my metal door down no big deal. I return to my house and find the metal door still there intact and all my loot is gone. With only 1 door on my cabin i dont know how else they got in.

I have had other people say they have been able to glitch there way past metal doors as well. I dont know how unless explosives just open your metal door up throw all your “good” loot outside and close behind it.

P.S Great game love it continue to develop and make it great :slight_smile:

Yeah theres something wrong with ,metal doors, people can stand in them and shoot you but you cant shoot them as well its stupid.

Or they blew your wall down and replaced it