Metal door decay

I understand that metal doors decay over 4 days and need to be repaired but how do I repair it? What I click/press?

Thanks 4 any help

put material on “3” for example then aim at the door you want to repair and push “3”

Hey thanks how often sud they need repairing? cos mine been up 24hr but nothing happens when i do wha u sed


It takes more time to be damaged, 24H should be still fresh and full health.


If you use your door to your house on a regular basis it resets the decay timer also…believe that is for the whole house?

What I understood was that on the last reset that was actually removed from the game. When I say that I don’t mean decay was removed but the ability to repair a decaying wall or door was. I cannot say if it will be braught back into the game or not. but for now it appears as if that no longer works.

Have you tried holding E and right clicking?
I haven’t, but then again, I’ve not had to repair anything.

Repairing worked as of 2 days ago.
Keep in mind you need to use wood not planks and metal fragments not metal to repair.

Can a mod please confirm or explain what the decay and repair situation is at the moment?