Metal door placed Sideways??

I just put a metal door down and it showed up completely sideways like the hinges are floating??? You cant get in my base but also I cant get out> whether Its open or closed (Either way it looks the same >>
but you can see in like the doors open. Is there anyway to fix this issue>??? or like a way I can take the door back to inventory and try to place it again? Aggravated because now everybody thinks its o.k to come checkout my base cause it looks like the door is open!!!

They work on an Option to remove building parts.At this time the only thing you can do is get C4,blast your door away and set a new Door inside.

Next Time take a look on the Green Frame.This is the exact Position

Damn dont have c4 yet, on the position it was set perfect in green and it showed up like that???
Maybe it has something to do with my Ghosting issue where I cant play mre then 5 mins without disconnecting and reconnecting>…alpha …Uhgggghh…

is it possible to blast out some foundation with C4? wish i could remove it but nothing seems to work so far.

Foundation only destroyed by decay as i know