Metal Door propped half open when return to server -- bug

Hi guys, I’ve seen this on my server and had players report it to me, The new metal doors are shut when you leave the server, come back in and it’s half open. I have a code lock on it. Leave your house for a while to gather resources come back and my metal door is half open again. I don’t know yet if players see it as open or if it’s just the homeowner that see’s it half open. So not sure if it’s just a graphics glitch or will allow someone into my place. I’m sure I’ll know more tomorrow. I’m going back in to test on my server again to check. Anyone else verify this bug?

update: just went into my server again and my metal door was propped half open. Seems to be a bug.

Yeah this bug is disgusting lol.
When it shows half open to a player they can actually shoot you through the gap as well.
Even if on your end the door looks closed, you can still be shot through the gap on the other players end.

Yes, happening to me on OSX too. Upgraded all my doors to metal with code locks, left my base, and returned to find my entire base wide open… not good!

glad to hear I’m not the only one with this issue! Thanks for posting up guys.

Everyone is having this. Makes for a much less secure base, even if no one can get in. Best way to temporarily work around this is to have a multi-door airlock system with doors at a fair distance or 90º angle from each other so you can’t see inside. At least that way people can’t see the contents of your base and can’t get a line of sight to shoot you when you’re inside.

But this really needs to be fixed.

On the subject of doors I still sometimes find doors open on client but closed on server so I have to use the door 2-3 times to make it actually show where it really is. I’m pretty sure we had this bug before and they fixed it, and it seems to be back again (or it just hadn’t been fixed yet)

I’m going to bump this one because of the what the OP said, and what Thor-axe said. Doors are often laggy too. I’ve died a couple of times because my door didn’t open right away, or there was a delay and I clicked again so it opened then closed before I could get through.

yes, this still remains an issue in our server. Hoping for a fix very soon and it’s leaving our builds unsecure.

Terrible bug :frowning: same on all my servers.

Can anyone confirm whether this has been fixed on the development branch yet?

If not, report it in Garry’s thread:

(I’m playing on the public branch, so can’t check)…

correct we had this problem in legacy many months ago but they fixed it and now its back …but you would think that they would have learned from the first episode