Metal Door Strength


Just wondering if it would be possible to modify the strength of a metal door, as when you spend all that time creating a metal base the only weakness is actually the door, I am pretty sure you can blow it up with 3 charges would it be possible to change this to about 5 as it makes it a lot more worth it when you get the materials, its just a thought just want to see what everyone thinks about it.

make more doors.

Exactly. Create a maze and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Well when I get about 1000 Low Quality Metal to make a base for 6 people, the most doors I can get is 18, so if someone wanted to raid the base they would only need about 54 charges which is about 2 hours work to get, that base took us a whole day to build doesn’t really balance out :confused:

If they waste 54 charges on a base, then I don’t think it’s technically a loss for you. Its simply luck if you get raided and somone has that many charges.

EDIT: Or they’re duping :o

54 Charges is a lot. No one will even use half of that on a raid, unless you piss them off to the point where they make it their #1 priority to ruin your experience.

Also I would be happy as they won’t find nothing that deserves 54 charges.

I feel like I waste a shit ton of resource creating just 2 charges, lol.