Metal Doors Are Broken

Im Playing on the US East 3 (Large) Server and everytime i open or close my door it floats away,

just now on my screen my door was closed and someone shot me through the door and looted my base even tho it was closed for me, but on his screen it floated away so he had free access to my loot

this needs to be fixed asap

this really does need to be addressed

Why shouldn’t this be addressed? its a bug and it needs fixing. I have the same thing

This is an issue relating to server lag.

I used to play in an EU server regularly, and I’m in America. Whilst my ping was very playable, at peak times for the server there sometimes would be lag and I had several metal doors “float away”. It was quite hilarious the first time I saw it, it literally just flew away like when a child lets go of a balloon.

If you just wait, the lag will catch up and the door will be back there. You can place another door in it’s spot if you want, and you’ll end up with two working doors in that one doorway. Unless it’s a crucial point in your base I’d say save the 200 metal fragments and just wait for the original door to pop back in.

read my post bro :slight_smile: try not to feel too stupid when you do though :smiley: