Metal Doors & Wooden Walls, same resistance?

***I love playing this game, in fact, I am doing LP’s of it currently. I find it frustrating that as good as we build our house, double sometimes triple metal doors, leaving just ONE wall exposed to the outside spells disaster. We were just recently raided with two c4 blasts to a single wall, lost almost everything. Whats the point of multiple metal doors, when walls take the same to be destroyed? My suggestion is to make the walls a bit more durable to make going through doors more of an option. Sure, you could build a huge 6x6 with a fake outside wall, the problem is finding a spot this will fit on an even level. It is an alpha and the foundations don’t always lay as they are supposed to.

Please don’t take this as whining or complaining, I’m not, I just think the game would be more enjoyable if walls and doors had different durabilities, making strategic builds a bit more necessary rather then near impossible.

For those of you interested, here is my series:

You are not supposed to be very safe for very long. This just isn’t that sort of game. I hope nothing changes in that regard.

Well then what’s the point of even gathering and strategically building? If thats the case, mise well run around naked hitting each other with rocks 24/7 lol…