metal foundation, pillars, wall ect...


How can I learn to build metal houses? From blueprints im guessing… We havnt found one yet tho.

Perhaps they only drop from the create that is dropped by the airplane? Anyone knows this?

Anyway I am willing to trade me to a complete metal set: (not the blue prints but the parts)

Metal Doorway
Metal Foundation
Metal Pillar
Metal Stairs
Metal Wall
Metal Ceiling

I can offer many things. Ressources, M4’s, F1 Granades, ammo…

SERVER: United Kingdom

They can be dropped from zombies.

Shouldn’t be hard to get off Zeds. I found a lot of parts off of them today. Just research them with a research kit.

anyone on server united kingdom wiling to trade?

Well, if you want to learn how to craft those, all you have to do is get a research kit and some papers.
Then drag the kit on the metal part and then it will consume 1 paper but you will be able to craft it.

Hello, I got all of the metal pieces. I’m playing on the UK server and willing to trade.
We speak the same language, I’m from Denmark.