Metal fragments can be converted into HQ metal

Well as the title pretty simple

In legacy you could convert your metal fragments into HQ metal at the workbench

workbench is a item with a small radius that increases your craft rate by 300 %

i think its time for both things to be reintroduced

what do you guys think?

Ps all ready have a old thread about workbench if you want to know more about the concept if you have not played the legacy version

Yes please give both of those back…crafting gp is crazy…need that workbench

Confused by the third option… we have:

  1. Convert metal frags into HQ metal without workbench
  2. Convert metal frags into HQ metal with workbench
  3. both options, (presumably with & without workbench), with workbench? huh?

… but yes, I think we should be able to convert metal frags into HG metal, it’s far too rare. After 2 days of gathering resources I now have 10x HG metal. It’ll take me about a year to upgrade my base to armor, lol!

The third option i mean it should be craftable both at the workbench and when not standing next to :slight_smile:

glad you agree saw alot of ppl saying this in other post’s

I would add another option - convert metal fragments into HQM via more smelting / refining in the large furnace. I think this would be a far better option than directly converting them with or without a workbench. Heat should be required to refine metal.

Quarries are the way to go. After 1 day running 3 quarries and 2 pump jacks, we’re producing way more HQM and fuel than we can realistically use. It’s really not that rare at all. You just have to look for it in the right places. As it currently stands, get a couple of quarries and pump jacks, and you’ll never have to chop another ore node or shoot another animal.

3 metalfragments > 1 salvaged metal
3 salvaged metal > 1 high quality metal
3 high quality metal > random hat

EDIT: IMO refining metal at the workbench sounds wrong. I rather would like to see another crafting station for this or add a switch within the furnaces so you can choose what it should produce.

Well, yeah, but that basically reinforces the idea that large groups are needed to compete / protect said tools on the landscape.

If that’s the vision, fine, but I think a lot of people are turned off by the recent changes.

On the flip side, if clans are simply farming through their machinery that leaves the nodes pretty much uncontested for the little guys, right? No machinery required, at least until you’re ready for it.

How do you need a large group to run quarries and pump jacks? What’s to protect? People won’t be destroying them. It takes I believe 10 or 11 C4 to destroy a quarry or pump. No one is going to bother destroying your structures unless you’ve really pissed someone off and they have it in for you.

Yes, you need to keep an eye on your shit or people will steal from your mining structures. With walls coming in the next couple of updates, people won’t be able to just run up to your mining structures and steal from them though. That will make them more viable.


Seriously though, I think people just have their mind set that you can’t play Rust solo and aren’t willing to accept any evidence to the contrary. The continue playing the same way even though that play style doesn’t work then blame the game. I’ve seen more cognitive dissonance on this forum than arguing science and evolution creationist religious nut jobs.

With that being said (yet again) Please people…stop with the “I’m a solo player and getting pwned” act.

Further metalworking of frags should come to HQ metal.

How this is done is viable through the above suggestions. Just adding to the weight of this topic.

Personally, I think adding high quality ore was a bad idea. I would have much preferred if sulfur ore had been a resource exclusively available through quarries. Remove sulfur nodes and sulfur rocks from the landscape and replace with metal and stone instead. They could keep the small quantities currently found in metal and stone nodes so people staring can make bullets and such when starting out, but not enough to produce in quantities required to make explosives.

Instead, adding this new resource seems rather redundant. The high quality ore basically makes what used to be a key resource that’s found in abundance almost obsolete. Metal fragments still have their use, but not in the kinds of quantities people will be getting them in. Metal frags are now pretty much what charcoal used to be - a low value resource people either leave behind or just dump when they raid a base. Now we’re basically being forced to smelt metal ore and produce a ton of fragments not for the fragments themselves, but for the charcoal to make gunpowder.

**EDIT: **

With the high quality ore in play, adding the option of making HQM with metal frags will just make HQM too abundant and easy to get, so I don’t think on its own it’s a good idea. I’d like to see that ability, but not under the current mechanics.

I think all mining structures were not a good idea to begin with. People need to get the hell out of their base and interact, this is turning into a single player game. People were already wasting half their game time crafting in base… now they spend the other half tending their in-house extractors and only have to get out for wood.

I don’t like where this is going at all.

they just have to balance the cost of HQ metal that cant be so hard? just like legacy why is that such a bad idea?

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agree with this 100%

Perhaps with a higher tier specialty furnace, requiring HQF and Electricity maybe?

But I agree, conversion should not exist until late game and not without a cost that makes converting it a last resort.

Just to throw this in there although the current conversation is non pertaining…
per Helk :

hq metal is more common in the arctic/tundra with a very small chance of spawning in temperate

Oddly enough, I’m in the arid and getting a reasonably good quantity from all 3 of my quarries. Not huge, but more than what I actually need.

The change is coming this week, it’s not in yet. They also changed it so that oil is more common in arid biome and is generally less common as well (assuming they mean less per tick in a pump jack.)

Looks like they are finally segmenting out the biomes to encourage trade. Will be better when temperate becomes valued for it’s ability to grow food/animals as well as the rich forests.

As for now, Miners in the north, Oil wells in the south and Foresters in the middle. Should lead to some interesting trade. They really need large inventory transports though.

Hmmm… much like the real world.