metal fragments now pretty much useless?

I feel that we now have an over abundance of metal fragments. Armored tier for building should still cost metal fragments instead of hqm imo. Its the only thing i can think of that we could dump metal fragments into. Or allow us to convert fragments into hqm like legacy. Rather than having them just sitting there or throwing them on the ground.

The value of metal frags has decreased pretty significantly. They’ll still be useful, but not quite to the degree they were.

completely agree. OR buff the metal tier so say half the strength of armor and buff armor up a bit more

Another side effect of this is that 95% of the server is just going to have stone bases…eat my rockets stone bases!

You need 1750 metall frags for one quarry. Useless is too hard but less important.

It’s not that I cannot tolerate changes, but I think the addition of high quality metal just ruins the flexibility and freedom of the game.

When we only had regular metal fragments, you could choose what you wanted to spend them on. You could either go for a poorly protected base based on stone, and use the metal fragments to create guns instead to let you play an offensive playstyle, or you could choose not to build any offensive weapons and use it all to bolster the defense of your base to play a defensive playstyle. With the new high quality metal added, the game defines what you have to use the metal for, instead of giving the player the choice.

I’m completely fine with the high quality metal, but I think we lack an option to smelt metal fragments into high quality metal.

Sheet metal walls/doors/etc could be buffed, that would make metal fragments a lot more useful.

I agree, currently nobody uses sheet, which is sad. Cuz i really like how it looks. Reminds me of legacy a little. It should at least take 2 c4’s.

Maybe it should change to wood, stone, metal (old armor HP), then armor with higher HP and requires HQM.

One possible spin on this would be to refine X metal frags into 1 HQM in the new furnace, maybe when using LGF instead of wood. Never quite bought the no-heat-involved conversion in Legacy.

I love it that you have so much free metal fragments now. Can finally invest them all into metal barricades to place around my compound. Before the update i never even thought about making 50+ metal barricades.
So there are still some uses but i agree that their value has decreased a lot.

I’ve done metal barricades since they were introduced. But usually it would take quite a while before I got to that stage, because I’d need to first armour the base and make sure I had metal frags for all the other necessities. Since metal frags are no longer such a bottleneck resource, it’s pretty easy to accumulate them and dedicate them for alternate uses like barricades.

IMHO… 4 tiers:

Wood 1c4
Stone 2c4
Sheet 3c4
Armored 5c4

I would make the system layered… You start with wood, add stone, add metal fragments (sheet) then add HQ metal (armored). You have to put stone before you sheet, you have to put sheet before you armor, etc. The mats for each would respectively be wood, stone, metal frags and HQ metal, with no multiple-mats like it is now.

This would make more sense and make all tiers useful.

Or swap the tiers of sheet metal and stone.

We need a new tier, reinforced shit metal.

Another thing that might make metal more worth while for the early/midgame would be to back the eoka up with low-end single-shot guns that weren’t mostly for laughs. Just feels like the eoka is a placeholder with its multi-ammo nature and adherence to Murphy’s Law.

Or you could make it like this:

Twig 1xC4 (requires wod)
Wood 1xC4 (requires wood)
Sheet 2x C4 (requires metal frags)
Concrete 3x C4 (requires metal frags and stone)
Armored 5x C4 (requires HQ metal frags,stone and metal frags)

That way metal frags would retain their value.

Uhh… who the actual f*** uses C4 on twig…


Massing Metal Barricades with it xD