Metal Fragments should drop in barrels

In legacy Metal fragments could drop anywhere

and this was a nice balance cause then you could get a little metal for example the pick axe or hatchet without having a furnace nearby

i think this would really make ppl use more of the melee weapons that require metal frags to build

the spear was OP yes but also its the easiests to get resources for, and that is also 1 of the big reasons ppl use it

What do you guys think?

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ppl who disagree please explain why ? :slight_smile:

why do ppl think this is a bad idea?

as i said last time, if people have something to say, wild horses couldn’t keep them away. just leave the thread alone for a bit and don’t freak out if people vote without commenting.

but to answer, i don’t think barrels should spawn **that many **frags. maybe up to 10, sure. or have the barrel become 10-20 frags when you break it even. but even the bare minimum on your poll is too much for a loot drop. to me it seems imbalanced.

good idea for it to become metal frags, but my poll was on the idea of them just dropping randomly and then 50 seems fair :slight_smile:

I vote none. It’s already hard enough to get bp in barrels and I’d hate for even more junk loot to saturate the the probability of getting something good.

I didn’t vote, I’m undecided on this. It makes sense that barrels would give metal fragments, they are made of metal after all. That said, I don’t think they should just drop… I know everyone jumps on anyone trying to slip realism in a conversation on here, but it should take some work to disassemble a barrel and bring it with you to reuse.

Barrels could be lootable instead of having to break them… and breaking them could yield metal fragments. The only issue with this is that lots of peeps would probably just loot and leave them empty and not bother farming them…

I dunno… and it’s not like we need any more metal fragments now that they’re borderline useless.

Maybe it would make more sense for breaking the barrel to yield some sort of scrap. Newmans can come with all sorts of use for the barrel as raw material–look at how it visually shows up in the the quarry and water catchers.

This would be in addition to the barrel’s contents, of course. And if the barrels got replaced by rubbish heaps or what-not, the mechanism could still apply.

As metal fragments are already used in less things than before with the introduction of HQM, I would say we have already gotten a boost in the amount of available metal fragments.

lel a u think notes are better? what difference is it gonna make really such a bad argument

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i understand decide but, its because they have so many new melee weapons which require metal frags to build, and when ppl spawn naked they mostly build spear because its easy to get wood but getting a little metal fragments in random barrel drops could maybe change that all im saying

in legacy metal frags could drop in crates why not in new rust? they said they want ppl to use the other melee weapons…

I thought barrels were supposed to be a placeholder item, anyway…

Because the point is to make metal a commodity. This just over-saturates the market and bypasses all the required work to get the metal.

maybe my post is a bit misleading, im talking about 50 metal frags ocassionally dropping on random in barrels and crates for nakeds to make more of the melee metal weapons, dont know how this would oversaturate the market?

Not misleading at all.

I don’t think nakeds should have access to metal fragments in this manner. There is already a process in place to obtain them.

They are, hopefully within 2 months we will have a more effective system.

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If you go around looking at all his posts, he basically doesn’t want to work to have a pvp gun fest, basically legacy or essentially counterstrike with building on the side.

Might as well play Battle Royale if that is what he is after.

metal frags are already extremely easy to get (you can start a server and have a furnace making frags in ~20 mins, splitting stacks you can easily smelt 300-500 metal while you go and collect wood/stone)

the introduction of T2 furnaces has devalued frags even more now imo, i used to not bother smelting metal when i was at 3-5k frags because i wanted the furnace space for sulfur and other things…now with 2x T2 furnaces in the base I can smelt 2000-3000 frags in 30 mins - 1hr as well as smelting all of my HQM and sulfur, without having to tend to it at all during the process.