Metal frags/HQM should be replaced with Iron/Steel

Short and sweet here we go.

Iron Ore + Wood + furnace = Iron Bar (Normal furnace)

Iron Ore + Charcoal + Wood = Steel Bar (Requires higher tier furnace)

this kinda paves the way for other types of metal instead of just metal fragments and high quality metal.

Steel for weapons, and Iron for armor…

I agree, makes things simpler while changing nothing.

You wouldn’t use Iron for armor.

It should be High Quality Steel, and Low Quality Steel.

A lot of mumbo jumbo

Not really, steel is an alloy that contains iron, carbon, and other elements. Different ratios of the composition give the metal different qualities.

High quality steel just means the majority of impurities have been removed.

probably just being a little realistic is all. replacing low quality metal with crude iron, and high quality metal with steel seems to make sense to me, but i wouldn’t bother being too picky about its use in armour etc.

Most of the tools could probably incorporate iron where as things like guns and Armour would be made of steel.