Metal Gear Ac!d 2 Model Ripping

I am posting this because I cannot find models for this game, thus I will rip this game myself.

When I open the PSP_GAME extracted from the MGA2.iso, I am greeted with two folders, SYSDIR and USRDIR.
SYSDIR is for updates for the PSP, so that means that is completely useless.
USRDIR has 5 files:
*a3p: Contains .a3p files with RIFF WAVE header. Currently cannot be read with Media Player.
*modules: Contains .prx files. Don’t know what these are yet.
*mpg: Related to movie files?
*psq: No info
*stage: Contains all of the stages in the game: title, tutorial, bosses, etc. in a __zar archive?

This is all the info that I have right now. If I can’t open the files, I will probably have to use a PSP emulator to get them.

My goal is to get some characters out:


Maybe more…

Also, Chaioth Ha Qadesh:

If anybody has other request from this game then just post below:

why not try ripping everything ?
Like weapons, player models maps the entire thing ?
Might be good to someone someday and at that time no one might remember how to rip it from the game :stuck_out_tongue:
Seen it happen with mgs2

You MAY have a hard time with that, as jpcsp runs Ac!d at a painfully slow FPS rate. I was able to extract Snake, an ST Soldier and a stage, but could never get past Tutorial Level 2 without crashing.

Although, Venus is among the unique characters pack I extracted from MPO+ and uploaded on the MGS3 topic a few pages back. So if it proves a bit much, I can link you that if you would like.

As for requests, well, if the extraction does not work yet you manage to get the emulator to run Ac!d 2, may I request the three Test Subject bosses (Harab Serap, Golab, Chaigidiel), pyro soldier and the levels where you fight Vince, Golab, Harab and Chaigidiel?

Also, if you know how to get Ac!d 2 running, do you, by any chance, know how to run / extract Ac!d 1?

I wanted the MGA 2 Venus because they changed the model in MPO+. So far, there is one emulator that runs this 60+ fine no problem and no lag, PPSSPP, but I can’t get ninja ripper to inject. I may have to use another ripper program or find out where I can inject the file.
I may need to find more emulators that support capturing scenes or that can be injected.

The weapons are not actually unique. It seems like they used the same model on some the last time I’ve played, like 2 or 3 years ago.