Metal Gear MK II - MGS4

This is the Metal Gear Mark II from Metal Gear Solid 4. It’s a small robot that helps Snake throughout the game and acts as a moving video screen and microphone for Hal Emmerich to communicate in the field.

The source port is a full ragdoll that loosely follows the valve biped – it obviously isn’t compatible with animations, but it has custom physics and bone rotations. The left hand at the end of the extending arm is also fingerposeable. There is an inner compartment in the chest that you can open via bones. I couldn’t find any info on scale for the thing, so I kind of eyeballed it going from pictures and memory - it feels about right.

The phys gun can give you a rough pose, but to take full advantage of the model, you will need a bone mover/joint poser tool.

Bodygroups allow you to toggle the screen and arm.
Skingroups turn the screen and LED on/off. On top of that, there are 4 skins – the main, red, dark grey and light grey. The dark and light grey skins can be recolored with the color tool.
The screen, when on, is an RT screen.


Garrysmod Workshop
SFM Workshop

**Bugs: **
The rigging on the arm isn’t great. Sorry.
There’s some smoothing issues here and there – the normalmap baked in a lot of smoothing that was lost in the rip, but I did what I could.

**Credits: **
Kojima Productions: Model and textures
devilsnake88: Rip
Lt_Commander: Port

**Includes: **

Very Nice Mate!

All my yes.

Very nice! Yes, yes!

All we need now is Otakon for the perfect Geek combo of a nerd and his robot.

now all we need is rex and ray!