metal gear online models

can any one make metal gear online models?

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This should be in the Model/Skin Request if you want models
Also, I’ve heard that you can’t make models of stuff from PS3,
Now I wouldn’t know that but judging by the lack of any models based off PS3 Games, I kinda believe thatit can’t be done

There are actually people who CAN rip from PS3. And they open it in a model program. But half of the time when they do that, it’s just fucking around. They only show they CAN rip it and open it in a program, but never really DO anything with the model other than show off.

Oh, I actually didn’t know that.
I actually don’t know anything about modelling and rigging stuff but that what I’ve been hearing around here
Thanks for the information though

Is this game only for PS3?


If the actual model files could be taken from the disc, a program could probably be made to convert said models into a usable format.

But in all likelyhood whoever made it would just flaunt it in everyone’s faces and go ‘lol u cant haev’.

Which is already happening. As stated above: Some people can rip PS3, and open the models in a model program, but they do not do anything with them, only show that they can do it.

And the assholes who do that “Can’t have” crap, well, they’re only able to do that until there is a widespread way developed for model porters to get the models off the consoles and into GMOD.

I heard its pretty hard to do. I’m at least 80% sure Plasmid as ripped PS3 models in the past and that one guy who’s “proved” it can be done as said it’s even harder than most other games to do. I assume its lots of coding and shit with files scattered all over the place.