Metal Gear Rex from PSX or Pc version

Hi I’m looking for someone to rip Metal gear Rex from either the original PSX release or the PC port.
I need it in a FBX format as I’m using Maya on a apple mac.

Good luck, as far as I know, nobody did it here.
I know one guy who opened maps but he never share anything…
I’m interessed too btw.

There’s a better model for MG Rex in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that can be found here. It comes in the .DAE format, which I believe Maya should have a plug-in for being able to import.

I provide him REX from MGS4 and I can from TTS but I’m personally in love of PSX version…

Well, the reason I suggested the Brawl model is because it includes the railgun. If I recall correctly, the one from MGS4 doesn’t. Since the OP was asking for the PS1/PC version of Rex from the Metal Gear Solid series, I assumed they’d probably also want the railgun included.

If you really desperately need the “classic” version, Ninja Ripper supports Directx 7 and 8, so it should (in theory) work with the PC version of MGS Integral. I don’t have the game installed right now so i can’t test it.

Unfortunately, NinjaRipper doesn’t seem to work properly with MGS Integral. I’ve tried to rip some of the level areas before for map references, but everything came out skewed or broken upon viewing the models in 3DS Max.

Ah that’s too bad, I was hoping to capture some stuff later myself.

I have the Smash brothers Rex, it’s pretty much the Twin Snakes version. Among my friends who are a fan of Rex that is the worst version of them all. I’m adapting the model into Little big planet, and the MGS4 Rex is going really well, but if I got hold of the MGS Rex I’d be able to do more with it as its less complicated in comparison to the one from 4.
And as Devil said the original is special.

smash bra vs. original? omg. if you want my ‘educated’ opinion?!? you should take the smash bra version. it’s the same. really nicely updated. it’s goods. take it. doesn’t hurt. :wink:

No offence but it really isn’t tho.
The shape of the head is the most obvious difference without starting a huge list.
And like I said, I already have that version.