Metal Gear REX & RAY

Hi there. I’m new to the Facepunch community but lets just put that off to the side. I have been looking around for a Metal Gear REX or RAY but sadly to find they have been cancelled, given up on or never updated. So i figured, if Nobody else is going to do it and if they did they did a poor job, why not just do it myself.

Introduction set aside the main thing is i need a team or at least some help from people But since this is the models threads, id rather not talk about Lua scripting and Vehicle config for it unless its Legal here and if it is Tell me you can help me out. Main thing i need from here is somebody who can do real accurate representations of the actual Metal Gears or actually Rip both models from MGS4. I would like no dependancy form any of the Other HL2 games, as for i dont own CS:S.

To join my Team you must have good modelling skills, id like to see some of your work. Good lua skills. Animation skills (for roaring, gunfire, ect.). Modelling skills. Vehicle Config (Easy things like moving using W A S D and the reload mouse 1 and 2 buttons).

*You must know the weapons and how they are used and located by either Metal Gear

Team Bonus-If you are a member of the team you get First access to be able to use Metal Gear i will release the original colored ones to the public and Team members will get an additional Different colored Metal gears to show their Team members.

Here are some Refrence Pics of MG Ray

And here are some of REX

Thank You for your time

Rex is cooler.

Yes we all know Rex is cooler, but both are nice even though Ray cant launch nukes he is sleeker and faster.

But besides, were not gonna be biased just because one is cooler than the other. cause i want both of them made.

Yeah i can’t model and I’m sure these were discussed a while back and actually were being made too.

Yes, they were being produced, but nobody ever finished or they just gave up thats what made me want to get started on this project.


Im getting myself a copy of 3ds max 2010 so i might just be able to model, but they may be a bit poor as im not that experienced in 3d modelling.

just a friendly bump.

Another somewhat friendly bump.

this would be epic to see if someone makes it. been hoping for those models since i played mgs4

Thank you Ulve, im trying to get them off an .Iso for super smash brothers brawl, because at the shadow Moses island stage, they both arrive there. so it would make my life a hell of a lot easier for a while. If you know anything about coding for vehicles tell me cause i need a vehicle developer. I also need to know how Ray attacks as i have yet to play MGS4 im only on the first…

Someone uploaded a model of Ray a while ago. I decompiled it and rigged it to a skeleton in MilkShape, but I have no idea how to compile it as a ragdoll, and when I tested it ingame it was still a static prop. If anyone wants the file (.smd or .ms3d) so they can compile it, I’ll upload it.

I did see that one and i have it on my Gmod, but thing is it shows up as purple and black squares as the texture meaning it dosnt have its own standalone compatability.

Anybody here have the ability to Rip Models from brawl? if you do I could use the metal gear Rex And Ray trophies without the base, aswell as the ones from the shadow moses stage

Hmm i wonder if there was a constructed metal gear rex/ray/ shagohod/ mooing walking thing like out of barrels and such…



Pihran, ive seen that before both of the links you have provided. The youtube video is ok but the thing that bothers me is that although its ok, nothing mean to the creator, but it just dosnt give off the eerie feeling of staring up in fear of the giant robot which can launch nukes.

Also about the MG ray i was talking about it before in my above post, i dont have CS:S so the textures dont appear for me, aswell as the fact its not a vehicle and it cant use weapons.

It was a relevant post, but in my opinion it wasnt very helpful at all.

Also the fact that the first one is made out of BARRELS and PRE-CONSTRUCTED MODELS dosnt mean it will look almost perfect to it, which i am kinda sorta going for.

i always preffered the shagohod to be honest, it was awesome, with the crawling and the spinning turbine thigns

Ya that one seems to be pretty popular, but do you have any idea on scripting for vehicles with weapon support for this kind of project?

I have the rex coming from the twin snake’s
and also, I think this mode is the same model as brawl’s.

However they have over 60 materials,so I must remake his uv, textures,and normals before importing to source.
(studiocompiler cannot compile the model that has over 32 materials)
I’m working on it,but that takes a lot of time to finish.

Dude, you are kick-ass thank you sooo verry mucchh!!i was going insane lookking for models of REX that i didnt have to buy, or deal with ripping from Brawl. Please sir, would you be my Modeling/Animating/Skinner person for this project if you will be it would be highly appreciated

Also how big would that model be?
It wouldn’t be fun with a scout sized metal gear…

Mtt, this isnt gonna be a model, if you read the intro i want a regular sized MG as if it was in the game pilotable with weapons and such.

sry man but about this,I will only do importing to source.
But when it finished,you can use this model onto your project.