Metal Gear Rising: Dwarf Gekko

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Dwarf Gekko from Metal Gear Rising
They have bodygroups for the third hand, otherwise the hands can be posed using the fingerposer.
Also they have quite a few skingroups.
Rigged completely from scratch and with a custom skeleton
So there might be some flaws I overlooked, I hope you all great people are willing to overlook that
Steam Workshop
Blooper Reel’s:



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Spot on, good sir. Thank you very much!

Time for hugs with 3 hands at once.

I’m really liking that bright orange one.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

These motherfuckers are creepy as shit.



Oh shit! Portal Cores with hands! :smiley: downloads y’know… now that I’ve said that. I cant get the image of Wheatley talking when I see one of those pictures in the OP :smiley:

Whoohoo, these creepy rapists balls are out.