Metal Gear Rising models and ragdolls

We have Raiden and Sundowner, but is anyone considering rigging more characters from the game? I’d love to have a Bladewolf, Monsoon, or Mistral ragdoll.

here you go

I wondered why people stopped working on that all of a sudden without many releases. Thanks for the link gamer.

No problem, I ask my self the same thing

I saw some work on Da where a couple of guys were using the mastiff models, yet no one released them publicly. I can guess that:

A. They are still working on them in secret.

B. They just gave models to their friends to test and never finish them.

Hell while they’re at it, why not privately release the other MGR goons to chop those up.

here is the link to the mastiff model

Just to be clear, the mediafire link is to ragdolls? Because I can’t rig models.
Either way, thanks!

yes it is the link to the ragdolls , they can be used for

Ok. Sorry for the dumb question, haha. And thanks again

Glad I could help :wink: