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Wow, you beat me to it.


you beat me to posting links also.

i already posted that link in the op

Yeah, I was a bit late to see your edit.

My mistake.

generic smell comment

Good call on the new, fresh thread. Third time’s a charm…

New start with no hoarding or frenchmen, mocking about.

This is a new thread, please stop that, grow up.

Says the childish frenchmen, who doesn’t help this thread at all.

You’re causing these messes, just posting here, no one is going to forget the stunt you pulled over a model.
And for some reason, in your mind, you try to justify/twist words here, again.

seriously guys, enough of this.
I’m starting to develop ptsd.

Ripping, porting, skinning related stuff - all good.
But one more episode of “All my children” I’ll have an aneurysm.

Lol you are funny, I reply to you nothing more, You are the one who is causing mess right now in this thread :slight_smile: I don’t need to justify anything. So I will do as I did earlier, I will just ignore you, because you don’t seem to be able to stop your drama.

Shut up for a second damnit. Go somewhere else.

Why are you talking to me like that ?

Because i’ve seen before that you just come to make drama and stuff.
Just go. Away.

[Twin Snakes models if anyone is curious.]( MODEL PACK.rar)

Add to OP if you wish.

Sorry for them being long overdue, though I remember posting them somewhere and giving it out to people a long time ago.

You have done nothing but start trouble. We weren’t the one showing off models and keeping it ourselves now.

Nothing really happened, till some of us actually started to share out the meshes, for everyone else, while, you just used others for your own needs. You can never justify your own ends, here.
In the end, you’re the one that caused these problems, from the start. At least now, everyone is able to obtain these meshes now.

And again, I can’t understand grammar.

(User was banned for this post ("image macro" - postal))

I didn’t make drama ? You made drama with mariokart, nexus made drama about me, but I have never said anything. And more, to avoid drama I didn’t answer when nexus wrote things about me, I just left.

Will all of you chill the fuck out?

il add it when i can