Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Raiden RIP

Can ANYONE get Raiden’s 3D model from already released game? It developed by Platinum Games wich means that it is possible to do that (Bayonetta and Sam from Vanquish are extracted. Just need the same method).
So, who can extract this awesome character?

Being developed by the same company that developed Bayonetta and Vanquish doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it’s possible to rip from the game.

In most cases DOES. Do you agree or not - it is true. A had ripped a lot of game characters from lot of games.

I was planning to hack the models out after I completed the game… provided there are any models of interest.

…Currently reconstructing Sunny’s Codec model

Its on the same engine.

That part was confirmed in a documentary type video where they mentioned that they wanted it on the Fox Engine but they let platinum use it on their in-house engine so they were comfortable developing it.

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No, it doesnt, you’re assuming things.

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There seems to be tons of models of interest to me.

Can you get all of the main characters if possible? (Also, Raidens various costumes (most of them are recolors, but im talking about MGS4 Raiden, Mariachi, Prolouge Raiden, Gray Fox, [sp]business suit[/sp] and whatever else he might have (i have yet to play the game, getting it tomorrow))

from the looks of it platinum games must have had framerate issues since all the cutscenes are pre-rendered.

which means alot of the models you see won’t be in the disk

I wish there was a PC version. It would be so much easier.

Who said that they are pre-rendered? Platinum Games prefer to make real-time cutscenes.

Can’t you read? Xbox 360 game files are not something you can just easily extract. Also he’s correct on that one. Even though I never played the game. I saw a lot of cutscenes seemed to have a smell of pre-render.

Won’t there be though? I thought it was announced for the PC as well.

As far as I can see, there won’t be. Googled around for a good hour in hopes of seeing positive news, to no avail.

Either way I support this and I’m looking forward to seeing what Mario comes up with or anyone else for that matter. I would be happy with just the OBJ models myself. I love the game, even though it’s pretty short for $60 bucks.

@ CRASH_2317

1.) 360 has noticeable block compression during cutscenes. this tells us the scenes are pre-rendered
2.) People with DLC costumes noticed that your costumes do not show in cutscenes. this is a second clue
3.) and we know its all pre-rendered because there is 6GBs of cutscenes that we can watch from the discs movie folder. its a 3D video format by CRIware
4.) Us hackers know best :wink:

I recommend you try not to make a fool of yourself and fight with facts not things you “believe”

What about Codec models?

Are those just looped up videos or are they actually models with animation?

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Also, i could tell the cutscenes were all pre-rendered since they looked loads better than the rest of the game.

If you do, PLEASE add Bladewolf and Jetstream Sam to the list.

As silly as this will sound, I think virtually every model in that game is a model of interest, heh. Or at the very least, definitely the Desperado gang (Sam, Sundowner, Monsoon, Mistral) and Raiden.

I always just thought only PC games could be ripped, hence why I figured we wouldn’t be seeing anything Revengeance related til the end of the year when it comes out for PC.

Importance list:
Sam because Spanish Samurai
Mistral because all the arms
Raiden because oh fuck how parry.

Anyone else I guess.

The PMC duders that raiden works with the ones in the blue and khaki and geckos would be cool.

Hey Mario, could you perhaps send me the files for Sam and Mistral? I might have a friend that could do 'em up. Unless they’re in a funky format.

I’d do all of them
that is, if they’re extracted and set up for rigging and etc