Metal Gear Sold 2 Raiden Model

Ok guys. Ive got raiden from mgs2. but. heres the issue. when compiling using crowbar. i get a matieral problem. its becuase the matierals are not compiled into a tga but rather all pngs. so i have loads of them. how tf can i compile all of them into one/ two tgas.
Anyone wanna help?
ill give yer credits when teh model pack is out
if u do it for me
u get 1 cookie

I have two Raiden’s from MGS2, well, I have them all, and the OPS too, I will search in my pc when I have time and I will send it to you

Well. I have all 4 raidens.

But. There is too many materials for crowbar to compile max of 32. i have much more of these. So how do i compile the pngs into 2/1 PNGS. I mean if u can do it. i will give u massive credit. im doing an mgs 2 collection pack