Metal Gear Solid 2 characters

Here there are all the mgs2 characters in .obj files and .tga texture.

All have flip faces… I do not take time to unflip them… too lazy… This game is a bitch to rip ! The smooth group (phong…? I don’t know… remember, I’m French) is wrong. Despite I think it could help MGS fan !

Some of them.

Nohoho, I wanted the russian soldiers :frowning:

Oh wait lol, are they in?

I did not find the russian soldier :frowning: But you could use Raiden wearing russian soldiers uniform ! Then you could merge the file with the head of Pliskin when he is wearing is hood (not sure about this word).

There is :

Snake ( new and old sneaking suit (mgs1) + tuxedo)
Raiden ( sneaking suit + diver suit + russian suit )
Ninja ( raiden + olga )
GRU Colonel

do they look like that in Gmod? or are they fixed?

I do not made a Gmod conversion ! It’s only de 3D files !

whats with the black bits?

You mean the black faces ? It’s the normal who is reverse !

This is kind of a crappy release. Maybe you shouldn’t have posted it in the releases forum until they were working in Gmod?

Is Ocelot the mgs2 or the low poly?

I do not use Gmod. But there is a lot of people who ask after MGS ripp. I thought it might be useful for the Gmod users who could not access to those files !

No no i know it’s not gmod and thanks for sending out rips for others. I’m just wondering if the olcet was the low poly or regular like mgs2

It’s the in-game characters. All of them. A kind of Low poly then.

Edit : Regular / Low Poly ? There is only one MGS2 Ocelot ! I think I don’t understand you :slight_smile:

Hmm no i know what i mean i’m just wondering since my friend was only able to find his low poly model only. so i was just wondering if that was the same which isn’t. Thanks though, the fliping will take a while X-x… Does it do that when you convert them?

Yep, the soft I use (wich is Solidus) extract the model with flip faces ! I don’t know why.

Darn… I was hoping it didn’t do that.

Wait, I think its 3DS Max who flip the face. Not the conversion ! When I used Cinema 4D to open the obj files its OK !

Ah cool, unfortunately i don’t use that, just max. Would it be possible to export those into 3ds format?

Arf, I just tryed but its not working, the flipping is back.

Despite the 3D models sucks. The model is separate, I mean the head (for exemple) is made of 9 pieces. Which mean we have to connect a lot of mesh. But connecting those mesh will be lost the UV coordinates for the textures.

I don’t know if I’m clear…

Take a look at the files !

How did you apply the textures?