Metal Gear Solid 3 Models

Hello, does someone has the models from the soldiers of MGS3? i mean the Ocelot Unit, The Soviet Officers, and the GRU Soldiers? Please i tried to rip them from the game but i can’t, Can somebody help me with these models?


Well Devilsnake, i already have that pack, but that pack only has the KGB original model, the GRU and the Ocelot Unit models are retextures from other models, if you want check it yourself, here is a original Ocelot soldier and the one you told me:
It’s only files resources, I didn’t textured or did anything, only extracted from the game.

Thank you Devil snake, i will try to use that file extension, Thanks for the model!

I know it’s more work… but can you extract the GRU soldier too? or the officer from gronzy grad? anyways if you can’t I will understand, and thanks again

Here are links I used:

All the download links on that pages are dead, at least it shown dead in my computer, do you have any clue of how to import the .CMDL to .Obj or any other?

Well thanks again, these tools are for Cinema4d or 3dxmax? i don’t know from which program are

Metal Gear Solid 3-2 = 3DS Max
Others are independant tools.

Well, thank you again Devilsnake, but the GRU soldiers i did my own recreation, also now i created my own Ocelot Unit soldier too, i don’t need these models now, thanks anyways to everyone that tried to help me