Metal Gear Solid 3 Soldiers

I was wondering if anybody had ripped or would be willing to rip the models of the soldiers from Metal Gear Solid 3? They’re also in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops + on the PSP and the 3DS remake if that makes anything easier.
Pics of what I’m talking about:


Ocelot Unit

ragdoll/player model would be awesome too if anybody would be willing.

I highly support this, especially for the Ocelot unit.

That would definetly be awesome!

In the version “Metal Gear Solid HD Collection”, models and textures can be extracted … (psarc.exe)
I have managed to convert all the textures (variable .gtf) of “Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater” and I’m interested in the models also.


gru & kgb textures are in the link, also are the models to see if anyone can convert to a standard format…


(sorry for my english poor)

High support, especially for ocelot

ocelot unit link

I was wondering if you pass me comsegue the textures of the snake (no bandana) eva ocelot and to help me in a project

I hope to see MGS stuff in Gmod one day. I support. I just hope it doesnt turn into a thread that never actually releases models like that last one.

I released the Solidus and Liquid Ocelot nobody else did “GMOD”



If one of you fine gentlemen rips the GRU, the KGB or the Ocelot Unit I’d gladly work on getting them into gmod.

I released the Solidus and Liquid Ocelot

may be?

Holy shit this is great
port as much possible from this please

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anyone have any idea how to convert the models at all?

You ported them to gmod?


I just divulged the model (OBJ) someone did?

You never released the models! I know Frank released a whole heap of MGS Twin Snakes models, along with maybe MGS2 ones, but not ported… but I’ve never seen any of your models.

look here this guy picked up first

look here too ( OBJ to)

The facepunch thread doesnt show any released models, it just shows pictures of them from GTA.

I’d really like Snake’s olive drab textures too. Does anybody else know how to convert the PS3 files to dds or whatever? I own the game so I have the disc and I’m looking at all the right files but I just don’t know how to use them. help!!

I’ve been trying to look into it as well, But i’ve found little to no info

just a thread showing a little info on textures.