Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots Old Big Boss from @chrrox

Since @chrrox is the only one able to extract Metal Gear Solid 4 models, i request old Big Boss model from him.
Why i need this mod?
Because i want to put it on GTA IV as player mod.
But why did i want to mod GTA IV?
To play as Big Boss, an maybe re-texture it, as young big boss, ad some hair, and eventual make it look like him from Ground Zeroes.

Here some image’s with this Big Boss:

For the gta4 part you should ask in a gta forum since FP is a source games forum.

Even though I’d probably kill for Old Big Boss in Gmod, it will never happen… chrrox will definitely not do it for you, he’ll give you links so you can do it yourself though.

Fine, if he will tel me how to extract MGS4 models, i will folow his steps!

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GTA IV is not a problem, is just the reason, i know a lot of moders who will rigg it, but the problem is the model, that i don’t have it, witch come the @chrrox request part, because is the only one who know how to extract MGS4 models, if he don’t have time for this, just to tell me how to extract it myself!

The last I heard, the only thing that was ever actually ripped from MGS4 was textures. The models were incapable of being ripped for whatever reason (most likely due to the format of the files since it’s a PS3 game), so that’s pretty much been the reason why there’s no actual rips from the game - the only things available are remakes of Old Snake and a couple of other characters by people within the gaming community. I don’t even think the folks over at Xentax managed to find a way to rip from it, but I’m not 100% sure on that since I haven’t gone to the site in a while.

that Mario guy (I forget his name sorry) who ripped the MGR models said he could do MGS4 but his PS3 bricked so he wouldn’t really be able to do it now unless he bought a new console. I guess you could buy him a new console lol. (le sigh, theres no self dumbing now :frowning: )

Well, for me, to by him a new console is just, to much!

Well, Sims_Doc told me that Mariokart will probably not return to the forums. Looks like you are out of luck.

I’m still willing to make ram dumps using my debug PS3 and the ps3 sdk provided someone finds me clear instructions on setting up the sdk to do so. I’ve got the debug eboots and stuff down but none of the google results to various ps3 sites specifies or has clear instructions on setting up the sdk properly. Mario even said he would write an extractor once I get the ram dumps to him.

chrrox info

Yeah I already followed a version of that to get my PS3 into debug mode.

“Now that you have switched to the debug kernel you can run the ps3 sdk tools and all of their functions with no problem.” <- This doesn’t help me at all in getting the sdk set up correctly for ps3 to pc communication. It isn’t like a simple switch that you flip and everything works like he says.

metal gear solid 5 is coming to pc maybe you should wait to someone gets that big boss

So the solution is to wait another year, i don’t think so but anyway thank for your suport!

it might come out this year but i not sure.

Komani confirmed it will come in 2014 fiscal year!

Where was that confirmed?


He just says that they’re looking to release it in the next fiscal year, but i assume its not entirely set in stone yet.

It’ll probably be spring next year, almost definitely, but still.

You’re all very much off topic now. This isn’t a MGS5 discussion and there’s no chance he’s going to get Big Boss either so its kinda pointless now.

Agree, but the point was to get this mod, to play with it until Phantom Pain come out!
My plan was to ad Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed Revelatins hair model

And make them, the hair an beerd brown, to have something similar to Ground Zeroes one!