Metal gear solid 4 Models v1 - Kept you waiting huh?




someone had to make the thread **Post your MGS4 Rips!** **Post your MGS4 Wips!**

Known MGS4 rippers:
Credits to Chrrox
Get your MGS4 Tools here!


Can you please make a little tutorial how to use it?
Oh I found by myself, I’ll make a little video.
Awesome tools!
Thank you!


All I need is how to convert/use textures.

A “little” tutorial ain’t gonna be enough mate.

If a Johnny model is ported without a doo doo stain skingroup, shit’s gonna get real around here.

No pun intended.

Thanks for all your hard work re-posting the tools from xentax.
I see you gave credit also very nice.
its hard to hit the upload button.

Werent you the guy who posted multiple models years ago and then left without even hinting how you got them?

Wasn’t This the place that constantly called me a liar and would not stop spamming and harassing me.
I cant imagine why i would not post tools here.
and what does that have to do with re-hosting and taking credit for something you had nothing to do with?

I dont see anyone taking credit.

And that wasnt really many people, it was just me (looking back on it, quite idiotic) and maybe another guy.

You still left and told nobody how you got the models.

Atleast you share your knowledge :slight_smile: and Its the most valuable thing to give

With the exception perhaps of Gildor, no one comes to mind that has done as much for the modding community as chrrox has. Considering how much he’s given us, I don’t believe anyone has the right to criticize him for anything he hasn’t given us. Also, I agree with him that it’s pretty lame to re-host the tools he created without any inkling of credit. I hope Rinfect edits the original post to give credit where it’s due.

With that being said, I look forward to the models. God knows we’ve all been wanting and waiting for them long enough.

sorry i made this thread before i had to leave so i had no time, added to credits. :slight_smile:

At least you posted credits but whatever.
if anyone needs more reason I don’t post here.

Pretty funny
I heard E3245 sucks **** on the street corner for crack.
it must be true some random person on the internet said it with no facts to back it up.

TBH thats a pretty petty reason not to post on a forum after you’ve shown you can get models that nobody else could.

He posts at Xentax. Why should chrrox go to individual modding communities and forums to post his stuff over and over (since you know gta, xnalara, fallout, and other people would love special delivery of his tools to them too) when anyone who wants can visit Xentax? And can you really blame the guy for posting in a forum where he’s respected rather than going out of his way to post in a forum where he’s flamed and called all manner of nasty names?

That was mariokart64n that tried selling models you dongs.


They can visit Xentax, but nobody can actually get his tools because not everyone can spare a dime.

Don’t get me wrong, if what you say is true then yeah I can understand why he would want donations. But anybody who literally has no money is left in the dust.

If I remember correctly, there was an incident (I don’t know if it was chrrox or not,) where someone showed off some MGS4 rips and there was like just one person demanding to see more. Then the person who posted the rips threw a massive shitfit over this one person and vowed never to return to FP ever again.

IMHO that’s really petty.

think this is it

hahaha oh wow it was fucking dean :v:

holy shit no wonder he’s got a bug up his ass about FP. that thread was filled with the same locale as all the shitposters that were in the battlefield 3 and MW3 threads.

FT - If you’re on the Internet playing video games, I find it hard to believe that you, or someone else who matches that description, has “literally no money.” Did you pirate gmod for christ’s sake? I really don’t get the sense of entitlement some of you guys express. Just show a little patience and be polite. That’s not too much to ask.